Even crude oil price & observation of interest rate hike are not matter of Jones industrial average rise.

Jones industrial average on November 14th finished at $ 18868.69, which was $ 21.03(0.1%)higher than that on November 11th. The momentum of the rise in Jones industrial average weakened a little due to selling adjustment. As expected, the decline of the crude oil price (WTI crude futures price) called for the selling adjustment.

Trump effect still lasts!

【Bond Rout Eats Into the One Remaining Valuation Case for Stocks】

【Oil Recovers From Eight-Week Low as OPEC Diplomats Work Overtime】

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Next investor’s attention is on interest rate hike in December.

In this week, I guess that Jones industrial average will slightly fluctuate, because news about the interest rate hike in December might be reported. Let’s check the weekly investment schedule frequently. Some lectures and a congressional testimony by FRB top officials are scheduled.

Weekly Investment Schedule (November 14th ~)

Nonetheless, the expectation that the interest rate hike will be determined at the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) on December 13 and 14 has been already included into the world market. Even if FRB top officials imply the interest rate hike in December, the impact to the world market is considered to be limited.

【WSJ Survey: Most Economists See Fed Raising Rates in December, In Wake of Trump’s Election】

We should continue to focus on changes of investor’s sentiment and stock price fluctuations.

The contents of this blog are written based on the personal opinions about Dow Jones industrial average, the Nikkei Stock Average, and the sentiment of short-term investors, medium-term investors, and long-term investors. With respect to the loss caused by investment based on the contents of the blog, I do not take any responsibility.

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