Pay extra attention to the sharp fall in Dow Jones industrial average.

Today’s Dow Jones industrial average was finished at $ 18169.68, which was $ 29.65 (0.2%) lower than yesterday’s one. There were two factors that made Dow Jones industrial average lower.

1.Each financial result for the American companies hasn’t been beyond the expectations of investors.
2.The result of the US presidential election on November 8th is uncertain.

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After Dow Jones industrial average is under 18,000 dollars, the stock price will rapidly go down.

The Daily candle chart of Dow Jones industrial average has put a positive line. But , it is likely that Dow Jones industrial average will fall, because the higher quotation has been dropped off. In addition, 25-day moving average line, the 13-week moving average line, and reference line of Ichimoku balance table functions as a resistance line. Although Dow Jones industrial average moves in the range between $ 18,000 and $ 18,250, it is likely to decline.

Nikkei Stock Average steadily rises, but the higher quotation might be suppressed by profit-taking.

Today’s Nikkei Stock Average was approaching at 17,448.25 yen, which was 111.83 yen (0.6%) higher than yesterday’s one. Factor of the rise is the improvement of investor sentiment with respect to depreciation of the yen against the dollar in foreign currency exchange rates and the financial-related companies.

Intensified US interest rate hike causes depreciation of the yen against the dollar. It has been put on  $ 1 = 105 yen. American interest rate hike grows, because new jobless claims of the United States was 258,000 and decreased 3000 compared to those of the previous week.

In addition, investor sentiment was improved like ” The financial results of financial-related companies were not worse than they thought “, although stock prices of financial companies, especially Deutsche Bank, had been sluggish

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The contents of this blog are written based on the personal opinions about Dow Jones industrial average, the Nikkei Stock Average,and the sentiment of short-term investors, medium-term investors, and long-term investors. With respect to the loss caused by investment based on the contents of the blog, I do not take any responsibility.

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