Tommorow’s Nikkei Stock Average might fall.

Today’s Nikkei Stock Average finished at 17,336.42 yen, which is 55.42 yen (0.32%) lower than yesterday’s one. The Nikkei Stock Average has fallen because of the sell-adjustment due to the sharp rise in these days. Although it is early phase of the earnings announcement season, but the Nikkei Stock Average seems to show the underlying strength.

In addition, if you look at “buying and selling trends by every investor” announced today, you can find that the amount of stock bought by foreign investors is larger than that of stock sold by them three weeks in a row. It is very favorable that The foreign investors is gradually returning to the Japanese market.

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Tomorrow’s Nikkei Stock Average might fell by the sell-adjustment.

I guess that tomorrow’s Nikkei Stock Average might fall due to the sell-adjustment and weekend factor. And also pay attention to “up-down ratio”. Currently, up-down ratio (25 days) is 144.69. It means that Nikkei Stock Average is too expensive. Tomorrow, the Nikkei Stock Average might fall.

Don’t be a gambler.

Each company’s earnings announcement has been in full swing. You might think that there is a chance to get much profit because of high volatility of stock prices. But please don’t be a gambler. You should check investment schedule carefully.

The contents of this blog are written based on the personal opinions about Dow Jones industrial average, the Nikkei Stock Average,and the sentiment of short-term investors, medium-term investors, and long-term investors. With respect to the loss caused by investment based on the contents of the blog, I do not take any responsibility.

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