Hillary’s private e-mail problem gives a big shock to stock prices and investors.

Dow Jones industrial average on October 28th ended at $ 18,161.19, which was 0.1 percent lower than one on October 27th. The cause of the decline is the news that the FBI started the re-investigation of the private e-mail problem of American presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Investor sentiment has worsened.

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World market is not prepared for Trump winning.

Stock prices are greatly influenced by Hillary’s disadvantage (Trump’s advantage), because there are many investors who design a strategy based on Hillary advantage. Dow Jones industrial average had been propped up along the default route of Hillary’s superiority. You might have to prepare that Dow Jones industrial average plummets.

Don’t drop your guard until the American presidential election is over. Currently, support rate of Hillary is 46%. Also the one of Trump is 45%. The result of American presidential election is touch-and go.

【Polls Show Clinton Support Slipped After FBI Letter】

Dow Jones industrial average is likely to fall.

In the chart, the shape of daily candle of Dow Jones industrial average is “piece” which has a set of long beards. It is difficult to expect whether Dow Jones industrial average goes up or down. However, following from two points of view, it is likely to fall.

1.75-day moving average line is becoming downward.
2.13-week moving average line has been holding the higher quotation.

Investor’s stance is “wait-and-see” for Nikkei Stock Average.

The Nikkei Stock Average of October 31st finished at 17,425.02 yen, which was 21.39 yen (0.12%) lower than one of October 28th. It took over the fall of Dow Jones industrial average.
Today’s topic I concerned is that financial results of Fanuc, which was announced after the Japanese market closed, was bad. Because Fanuc’s stock contribution is large for the Nikkei Stock Average, I would like to pay attention to how much impact Fanuc’s stock price gives to the investor sentiment.

Also click the following link to check the weekly investment schedule having various political and financial events.

Weekly Investment Schedule (October 31st ~)

The contents of this blog are written based on the personal opinions about Dow Jones industrial average, the Nikkei Stock Average, and the sentiment of short-term investors, medium-term investors, and long-term investors. With respect to the loss caused by investment based on the contents of the blog, I do not take any responsibility.

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